Jake Gable, Journalism (BA Hons); University of Winchester

Initially making his name as a sports journalist, London-based Journo Jake's career saw his work as a video editor and social media expert at BT Sport soon evolve into a content editor's role at the Daily Telegraph/Sunday Telegraph, covering the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, Olympic Games in Rio, and Euro 2016 in France.

In early 2017, Jake made the move into music journalism, moving through the gears at PR firm 'Listen Up!' and electronic music website We Rave You. Soon progressing to the role of editor at the latter, Jake became the brand's most senior journalist in the process, racking up more than 1000 articles in less than 3 years. In addition to in-depth editorial work, features, on-site festival/club reports, artist interviews, and exclusive breaking news stories on a range of topics, Jake has displayed a dynamic diversity as a copywriter, crafting razor-sharp press releases and biographies for a range of global clients, with further information available on the 'testimonials' page.