"Jake is extremely professional, it's a pleasure when he interviews you. The conversation flows naturally and his research/knowledge incredible! An hour with him feels like 5 minutes. The piece he wrote on me was the most in-depth and on-point of my entire career, I'd recommend him to anyone!"



"Jake's passion for the industry and telling us the stories that make it, is completely unrivalled! The piece he crafted for Axtone's 15th birthday was incredibly informative and interesting... He really helped us show what makes Axtone great!"



“Jake’s talent shines through and sets him apart from other journalists in the music industry. A great interviewer, always looking to spin an insightful angle on his work, Jake’s skills are truly unique and having worked with him on various projects, we’d thoroughly recommend him to everyone!”

Third Party


"Jake sure knows how to write! He's become a real key figure in world of music journalism, and is such a nice guy, too! Having interviewed me numerous times over the last 6 years, you can always guarantee quality. That’s why I accept every one of his interviews."


we rave you.png

"Jake’s passion and pride in his writing is what sets him apart as the industry’s finest. His journalistic rigour and unmatched knowledge of the scene establishes Jake as the complete professional, and a true pleasure to work alongside."

Lewis (Editor), We Rave You


"I was amazed by Jake's abilities when I hired to him to write my biography. Straight away I knew that his work was a real level above everything else in the industry. In addition to this, he was so incredibly fast, efficient, and outstandingly polite."

Matt Nash


"Jake is most definitely one of the most impactful journalists and interviewers in the history of dance music. His professionalism and consistency separates him from others. When Jake writes for you - or about you - it is truly an honour."

Al Sharif


"The detail and care that Jake takes in his work is inspiring. He doesn’t just cover our new label music... He really listens to the tracks and pours his emotions and personal opinions into his pieces. It always makes for engaging, intelligent, and thought-provoking reading, rather than just a quick update!"

Release Records


"Jake was born with an enormous talent for words, and a fanatical passion for music. Both of these qualities are certainly reflected in the elite level of his work!”

Stevie Krash

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